How to Support Your Child with Anxiety

How to Support Your Child with Anxiety

By Kara Ferreira

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health issues affecting children today. Fortunately, there are effective strategies you can employ to support your child through their anxiety. 

Practice open communication.

Encourage open and honest communication with your child. Create a safe and non-judgmental environment where they feel comfortable expressing their worries and fears. Active listening is crucial during these conversations, as it demonstrates empathy and validates their emotions.

Establish a routine.

Routine and structure provide a sense of stability for anxious children. Establish a daily routine that includes regular mealtimes, bedtime rituals, and consistent schedules for schoolwork and activities. Predictability and structure can help reduce anxiety levels and promote a sense of security.

Do not avoid what is making them anxious. 

Help your child confront their fears gradually through exposure therapy. Start with small, manageable steps and gradually increase the level of exposure. This approach can help desensitize your child to anxiety-provoking situations and build their confidence in managing their fears.

Seek professional support.

If your child’s anxiety significantly impacts their daily life or persists over an extended period, consider seeking professional help. A licensed psychologist or therapist specializing in child anxiety can provide tailored strategies and interventions to address your child’s specific needs.

Supporting a child with anxiety requires patience, understanding, and a proactive approach. Remember, each child is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. If necessary, seek professional assistance to ensure your child receives the appropriate support. Together, you can empower your child to overcome their anxiety and thrive in life.

If your child struggles with anxiety and you feel it is time to seek professional support, we’re here to help! If you’d like to explore working with a therapist, contact us at (734) 323-4897 or for more information. Our practice, based in Novi, Michigan, is home to a team of psychologists with a wide range of expertise. We also offer teletherapy and can see anyone in the state of Michigan.


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Kara Ferreira is a G3 Contributing Writer