Experience, Empowerment & Compassion

Dr. Galvin and her colleagues bring a wealth of experience to bear for all age groups—children, teens, and adults. From education to career, individuals to relationships, see our About Us page for more about her team of practitioners.

How can the Galvin Growth Group help you?

With a variety of backgrounds and skillsets our team of Psychologists and consultants can provide support for a number of mental health concerns.


Services for children and adults via individual, family, couples & group therapy.


We provide intervention workshops to develop skills in a variety of areas using the most current research-based interventions.


School consultations and student evaluations with recommendations tailored to every client's needs.

Welcome to the Galvin Growth Group

Having worked with thousands of clients—from infants through the elderly—whose challenges range from short-term milder adjustment issues to life-long disabling challenges, we can identify your hidden obstacles.

The goal is to help you to feel empowered, through compassionate, warm, caring interaction and process.

Our practice is founded in a growth mindset, that one’s talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good guidance and learning, as well as persistence.

Identify + Resolve + Thrive

Dr. Galvin has more than 30 years of experience in psychology and education providing support for children, teens, and adults in every phase of life. Even “good” change can bring on stress. Together, let’s identify the core issues, dig into ways to resolve them, and set you on a path to thrive in your world.

Why choose Galvin Growth Group?

With a large team of talented practitioners we provide a broad range of expertise and the ability to work effectively with all age groups. We specialize in:

  • Psychotherapy, Counseling, Life Coaching
  • Neuropsychological Assessment & Consultation
  • Support with Schools, K-12 Education & Beyond
  • Evidence-based Intervention & Treatment

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