What Credentials Should My Therapist Have?

What Credentials Should My Therapist Have?

by Kara Ferreira

When searching for a therapist, you might be wondering about the different titles and certifications – what do you actually need?

Credentials aren’t always useful in determining the best fit – and they can be tough to navigate. This is why Galvin Growth Group employs an Intake Specialist, who is also a Psychologist, to help match you with a therapist with the right combination of specialization, training and experience.

At Galvin Growth Group, we have a variety of therapists with different levels of experience and completed training. They are all licensed!

Credentials vary by state, but in Michigan, you will see the following credentials frequently:

Licensed Psychologist

Licensed Psychologists have completed a doctoral program and have a PhD, PsyD or EdD degree in psychology. 4,000 hours of professional experience are required to receive the full certification. Typically, 2,000 hours are completed prior to the completion of their doctoral program (as an internship), and 2,000 hours are completed post-graduation. The board Examination for Practice in Professional Psychology must also be passed.

Doctoral Limited Licensed Psychologist

Doctoral Limited Licensed Psychologists are completing their post-doctoral training. This allows individuals who have already completed a doctoral degree in psychology to complete 2,000 hours of professional experience under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. The “limited” part is removed upon completion of their post-graduation work experience and once all other board requirements are satisfied.

Master’s Limited Psychologist

Individuals who do not wish to complete a doctoral program can receive a Master’s Limited License once they complete 2,000 hours of supervised experience with their TLLP license and satisfy other board requirements.

Temporary Limited Licensed Psychologist 

Temporary Limited Licensed Psychologists are individuals with a master’s degree who want to practice psychology under the supervision of a licensed therapist. The TLLP allows for them to gain 2,000 hours of supervised experience within 24 months of completing their master’s program.

A few of Galvin Growth Group’s therapists have also received their Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) credential, which acknowledges school psychologists who meet rigorous, nationally recognized standards.

Galvin Growth Group also has licensed social workers and a speech-language pathologist who may be a better fit for some clients depending on the skill set required.

If you’d like to explore working with a therapist, contact us at (734) 323-4897 or info@galvingrowthgroup.com for more information. Our practice, based in Novi, Michigan, is home to a variety of psychologists with a wide range of expertise, and our intake specialist will help to match you with the right one. We also offer teletherapy and can see anyone in the state of Michigan.

Kara is a G3 Contributing Writer.