Parenting Teenage Girls Video Series-Final Week

Parenting Teenage Girls Video Series-Final Week

Untangled: Conclusion

Over the past 8 weeks, Dr. Galvin and Dr. Snyder have been exploring Lisa Damour’s guidance spelled out in her book, Untangled. Galvin Growth Group recommends this book to any parent with young girls at home or anyone looking for a good, educational read.

Here, they weigh in on their biggest takeaways and key points.

Here are some of the main points of the book:

  • Parting with Childhood

    • Your daughter might give you the cold shoulder or act like she’s allergic to questions, don’t give up on her!

  • Joining a New Tribe

    • Your daughter might feel a push to find a “popular” friend group, but parents should worry most if she doesn’t have any friends or she is being bullied.

  • Harnessing Emotions

    • Your daughter might use her emotions to express herself, but we have to acknowledge the right boundaries for these emotions.

  • Contending with Adult Authority

    • We should also make sure that young girls aren’t being disrespectful or rubbing others the wrong way.

  • Planning for the Future

    • Your daughter should make sure that her actions now are not affecting the way that she is perceived in the future.

  • Entering the Romantic World

    • We should try to understand what influences young girls to be interested in romance in the first place.

  • Caring for herself

    • Young girls must make sure her actions agree with good eating, sleeping and recreational habits.

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If any of these issues persist or worsen, consider having your child talk with a therapist. Contact us at (734) 323-4897 or for more information.

Thank you for reading! Please stay tuned for future book talks and events from Galvin Growth Group!

By: Grace O’Neill