3 Ways to Help Build Your Daughter’s Confidence

3 Ways to Help Build Your Daughter’s Confidence

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, we are honoring the women in our lives by sharing a few strategies to help parents build up their daughters! It is common knowledge that our young teen girls are in a different world than their parents grew up in. They are constantly exposed to images and messages that can be damaging to their self-image. What is a concerned parent to do? Here are 3 simple, quick ideas!

  1. Allow her to ‘toot her own horn’

    Over dinner this evening, ask your daughter to name 3 things over the last week that she is proud of. Did she ace a test? Help a friend? Start a cool project? There are no rules or boundaries for what your daughter can be proud of! If she is unable to name 3 things, challenge her to be able to find 3 things for next week, and use this as an opportunity for allowing her to share how she defines and values the importance of pride and gratitude.

2. Show her this video, and discuss it

Some guiding discussion questions may be: What were your initial thoughts watching the video? What about your physical appearance do you find beautiful? Do you think you perceive yourself differently than how other perceive you?

3. Order this workbook off of Amazon & encourage your daughter to work through it

Written by Lisa M. Schab, LCSW, this workbook acts as a guided journal for your daughter to begin to unpack her beliefs about herself , explore where they come from, and leave unhealthy thoughts behind!


Whether you are a parent, teacher, friend, or family member, encourage to use these tips with young women in your life in order to honor International Women’s Day & bringing awareness to the importance of a healthy self-esteem in order to create healthy, happy, successful women!