Parenting Teenage Girls Video Series — Week 2

Parenting Teenage Girls Video Series — Week 2

Untangled: Chapter 1 — Parting With Childhood

As Dr. Lisa Damour explains in Chapter 1, the first step that girls might experience in the transition into adulthood is “Parting With Childhood.” They might hold their friends closer than their parents, might start to swear, or or wonder if she is clinging to her childhood a little more than you think that she should? Your daughter might be described as someone who is aloof, withdrawn, or surly.

In the video, parts of Chapter 1 are discussed in depth:

  • The Cold Shoulder

    • What should we do when we notice young girls distancing themselves?

  • Allergic to questions

    • Does your daughter seem offended by your curiosity?

  • Surprisingly mean

    • What should you do when they push buttons aimed at your vulnerabilities?

  • The Swimming Pool Metaphor

    • Your daughter might jump off the deep end then come back into your safety net.

  • Totally Competent Except When She’s not

    • Are you noticing that her confidence ranges unevenly?

  • Blooming Reluctantly

    • Some girls might not want to or know how to deal with physical changes.

  • Smoke Without Fire

    • Is your daughter wearing risky clothing or participating in racy dances?

  • When to Worry:

    • Female Peter Pan

      • Does she want her childhood to last forever?

    • Rushing into Adulthood

      • What should you do if she is experimenting with sex, drugs, or alcohol?

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In the coming weeks’ videos, they will explore other transitions into adulthood:

  • “Joining a New Tribe”

  • “Harnessing Emotions”

  • “Contending with Adult Authority”

  • “Planning for the Future”

  • “Entering the Romantic World”

  • “Caring for Herself”

If any of these issues persist or worsen, consider having your child talk with a therapist. Contact us at (734) 323-4897 or for more information.

By: Grace O’Neill