Parenting Teenage Girls Video Series — Week 1

Parenting Teenage Girls Video Series — Week 1

Untangled: First Video in the Series: Introduction and Overview

In the New York Times bestseller, Untangled, Lisa Damour, Ph. D., explains how we can help teenage girls navigate their way into adulthood. Starting tonight, and each Wednesday at 7:30 pm ET, for the next 8 weeks, a new video will be posted here, as well as on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel.

In this first video, “Introduction and Overview,” Dr. Galvin and Dr. Snyder lay out the concepts that Dr. Damour covers in the book, and why it’s important and useful for parents.

In the coming weeks’ videos, they will explore the seven transitions into adulthood:

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  1. “Parting With Childhood”

  2. “Joining a New Tribe”

  3. “Harnessing Emotions”

  4. “Contending with Adult Authority”

  5. “Planning for the Future”

  6. “Entering the Romantic World”

  7. “Caring for Herself”

If any of these issues persist or worsen, consider having your child talk with a therapist. Contact us at (734) 323-4897 or for more information.