Color Psychology and Your Home

Color Psychology and Your Home

by Jacinta Kreiner

Renovating? See what colors psychologists say you should paint your home.

After Covid, we all realize that spending a lot of time in our homes has a definite effect on us. What if the colors of your home affected your quarantine experience? Now that summer is here and you have renovations underway, what colors should you paint your home? According to psychologists, the colors you choose to paint and decorate with will have an effect on your daily mood and perception.

Let’s start exploring the new “emotionally healthy” color palette for today’s homes.

For spaces like living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms, warm tones are the first recommendation because they encourage activity, conversation, and appetite. This being said, if you are trying to diet, red might not be the best color for your kitchen!

Cooler tones on the bluer side of things are especially known for having a calming and relaxing effect. Places where you might want this extra cool mood setting would be a bedroom or workout room. For an office, green is the way to go! They say that “green is the color of concentration” because it is the best color to be surrounded by for extended periods of time.

Now here comes the ultimate question: what colors should you paint your bathroom? Casting aside all preconceived notions about bathroom colors and themes leads to this conclusion: you should paint your bathroom in colors you like to wear.

While this might seem a little strange, it makes more sense than you would think. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves when they take that last look in the mirror before they go to their day. If you can’t stand the sight of yourself in blues or greens, you are probably not going to be pleased looking at yourself up against a turquoise background. Since a bathroom is a place of relaxation and preparation, picking a tone that reflects your wardrobe might be the perfect way to go so you can feel good about your bathroom and yourself.

So there you have it, now you know what colors a psychologist would recommend you paint your home. Just remember: warm colors to activate and conversate, cool tones to calm and create chill vibes. Now you can finally start all those renovations with confidence!

Jacinta is a G3 Contributing Writer.


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