A Reflective Approach to Mom-ing: How Parenting Challenges May be Impacting Your Mental Health

A Reflective Approach to Mom-ing: How Parenting Challenges May be Impacting Your Mental Health

Let’s face it. Parenting children who are experiencing school, social, academic, emotional, or peer challenges can be tough. Wondering how to help yourself during this trying time with strategies to maintain your own mental and emotional well-being?

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One strategy our group will be learning about is how to immediately recognize the automatic negative thoughts that can take over our minds, and how our responses can impact our family and our daily responsibilities.

Maybe you received an email or phone call about a decision your child made at school that requires a follow-up conversation at home. You know this means an argument with them (as well with your spouse!) all because you are disagreeing on how to handle this ongoing situation. Maybe your child was suspended and has to be out of school (again) for a few days and you are so frustrated with what to do to fix this. So frustrated, that you are snapping at your other kids or your partner/spouse. You might even find it difficult to focus on the rest of your work day—and you don’t have time for this because you have deadlines to meet. Perhaps your son or daughter has been diagnosed with depression, or has poor planning and organization skills that prevents him or her from completing homework, going to school or making friends. You feel personally responsible that things are unravelling. You might even be worrying so much that he or she will fail a class this year. it is causing you to be feel hopeless. So much so, that you are finding yourself unmotivated or having depressive thoughts.

Figuring out how to change your thinking can actually help you be better able to manage parenting responsibilities and improve your capacity to cope with these challenging situations.

Our group can help with equipping you with strategies and skills to manage your own emotional well-being. Learn how to manage your emotions, tame your thoughts, and activate yourself as you navigate the daily demands of parenting and taking care of you!

Tackling automatic negative thoughts will include these skills and more:

  • Understand how thinking can contribute to low or anxious mood

  • Increase flexibility in how you are thinking about your situation

  • Identify several automatic thoughts and thinking traps

  • Learn techniques for challenging automatic negative thoughts

  • Generate coping thoughts