Talar Bagdasarian

Talar earned her M.A. in Counseling Psychology at Wayne State University. She has previous experience at child-care centers and youth camps, both nationally and internationally. She has a passion for understanding the needs of all children, and enjoys working with clients from a variety of backgrounds. Talar is also active in her local Armenian community, and enjoys providing support to local Armenian youth organizations. During her free time, Talar really enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family, as well as traveling and experiencing new cultures. .

Clinical Approach

Talar specializes in supporting children, teenagers, and adults dealing with depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, body-image concerns, and social-emotional well-being. Her therapeutic approach is deeply client-centered, prioritizing individual needs and goals. Talar integrates cognitive and behavioral techniques to create personalized treatment plans, fostering empowerment and active engagement in the healing process. Taking a person-centered approach, Talar’s goal is to provide emotional support and share her professional opinion, while still fostering the idea that the individual knows themselves best and can arrive at their own unique solutions. Creating a safe and non judgemental environment is very important to the therapeutic process. With a collaborative approach and respectful encouragement, Talar is hopeful that anyone can reach their full potential.

Talar is also committed to a culturally aware approach to therapy. Recognizing the significance of cultural awareness in psychology, Talar emphasizes its pivotal role in shaping a comprehensive therapist. As an Armenian-American woman, Talar empathizes with the challenges stemming from cultural disparities in feeling acknowledged or comprehended. By cultivating cultural competence and sensitivity, Talar enhances her ability to comprehend the intricate cultural dynamics within individuals and families. 

Additionally, Talar is trained in Animal Assisted Therapy, offering clients the option of extra comfort and support during sessions. This innovative approach adds a unique dimension to therapy, leveraging the positive impact of the human-animal connection. Therapy that incorporates trained animals, such as G3’s very own Lexie, can help clients physically feel calmer. AAT therapy can decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension. This physical relaxation of the body allows clients to engage in therapy in a new way, opening up the possibility for new growth. Talar’s commitment to tailoring her methods to each individual’s unique circumstances underscores her dedication to providing comprehensive and effective mental health support.



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