Lexie the Therapy Dog

AKC Canine Good Citizen & Advanced Canine Good Citizen

Lexie is G3’s Therapy Dog in Training. Lexie has already earned her AKC Good Citizen credential as well as the advanced AKC credential of Community Canine.

She is a Mini Bernedoodle and was born in the Spring of 2021. She is a 24 pound ball of happiness. She is going through formal training to be a Therapy Dog by Lizzie Majchorzak at Clever Canine in Waterford. Lizzie specializes in training Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs and she is doing an amazing job with Lexie. Lexie can be seen around the G3 office and in the community as she practices all of her wonderful skills in real life. If you see her at the office, please say “hello” to her as she loves meeting people and the clients love how happy and friendly she is. Soon she will be ready to participate in Animal Assisted Therapy upon request with staff who are trained in Animal Assisted Therapy.

When not at G3, Lexie loves spending her time with Dr Galvin’s family, traveling, getting belly rubs, and chasing an occasional ice cube tossed on the floor like a little hockey puck.