Jennifer Kida

Jennifer received her Bachelor of Social Work from Wayne State University. Currently, she is a 2nd year graduate student in Wayne State’s Master Counseling Psychology program. Having lived in southeast Michigan her whole life, Jennifer is deeply passionate about giving back to the community in which she was raised. Her experience and familiarity with the unique dynamics of Metro Detroit have helped her understand the cultural, social, and economic factors that may impact mental health. She is grateful to be practicing in a region with so many strengths and opportunities! 


Prior to beginning her practicum at Galvin Growth Group, Jennfier worked in both inpatient and outpatient mental health settings. She has experience working with interdisciplinary teams of mental and physical health professionals to increase the outcomes of those seeking mental health treatment. While much of her experience lies in assisting and advocating for adolescents and adults with mood disorders and psychotic disorders, Jennifer has worked with all age groups and individuals who represent many diverse backgrounds. In her free time, she enjoys learning guitar, making crafts, and going to museums.

Clinical Approach

Jennifer specializes in adolescent and adult populations with mood disorders, co-occuring conditions, life transitions, and trauma. While she prefers to utilize a multicultural and integrative approach which is tailored to each client’s unique needs and treatment goals, Jennifer often draws from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and existential therapy. She believes that unhelpful thoughts and behaviors can be modified into ones which are more adaptive and beneficial to the client. Further, she believes that clients are the narrators of their own experiences. Her services aim to increase self-understanding and self-compassion. Jennifer is also a strong supporter of mental health recovery. She believes that each person, regardless of their symptoms or challenges, has the power within themselves to achieve a life which they find fulfilling. 


Jennifer understands that the decision to begin mental health treatment is not always easy. To build a foundation for meaningful change, Jennifer is committed to fostering a therapeutic alliance based on trust, empathy, and collaboration. She believes in meeting the client where they are at, and building motivation towards continual self-growth. In her services, Jennifer is committed to establishing and maintaining a private environment which is safe, nonjudgmental, and soothing.

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