Jared Bonnici


Jared earned his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Michigan School of Psychology. He began his career running group therapy sessions for all age groups and a wide array of populations dealing with diverse presenting problems ranging from substance abuse and trauma to personality and eating disorders. His background in psychotherapy, neuropsychology, and applied behavioral analysis provides clients with a strong foundation of skills and a great ability to adapt to each client’s specific needs.

Jared enjoys spending his time with his wife and son. He loves anything involving the outdoors, music, and traveling.


Jared has a strong belief in the power of the clients to make change in their lives and of the integral importance the relationship between client and therapist plays in helping to make those changes last and thrive. Jared works with individuals, couples/families, and he approaches therapy with a clear sense of integrity, authenticity, and positive intent. Jared utilizes an integrative approach to therapeutic intervention. He uses Emotionally Focused Therapy with couples, families, and individuals to treat interpersonal and relationship issues as well as for grief, loss, trauma, and to facilitate greater emotional literacy for clients.

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