DBT Group


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based intervention for people experiencing a variety of psychological struggles including depression and anxiety. It has been adapted for adolescents and involves weekly group sessions of psychoeducation based on the DBT model. Specifically, adolescents who participate in DBT group therapy learn essential skills for how to manage distress, regulate their emotions, and manage interpersonal relationships with mindfulness as the foundation for doing so. Group participants can expect a safe, welcoming, and supportive group environment for people of all identities and backgrounds. The goals of the group beyond psychoeducation are to (a) guide adolescents through practicing DBT skills, and (b) tailor their practice of DBT skills to their individual circumstances so that they are generalizable and useful to tackle issues in their daily realities.

This group is appropriate for adolescents struggling to manage stress, regulate their emotions, and manage interpersonal relationships with mindfulness as the foundation.

Group Structure:

The group will be held at Galvin Growth Group within six weeks from March 27 to June 1 for 1 hour sessions on a day of the week to be determined by participants.

WEEK 1: Orientation and Mindfulness Skills

WEEK 2: Distress Tolerance Skills

WEEK 3: Walking the Middle Path Skills

WEEK 4: Emotion Regulation Skills

WEEK 5: Orientation and Mindfulness Skills

WEEK 6: Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

This group is led by Nathalie Marinho. Nathalie is a Doctoral Temporary Educational Limited License Psychologist in her 5th year as a PhD student at Michigan State University.

To register, please contact her at nmarinho@galvingrowthgroup.com.

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