Comments from Clients

We were nervous when we applied for a 504 Plan to help our daughter at school with her anxiety. We had heard stories from other parents about how difficult the process could be. Thanks to Dr Galvin our application was immediately accepted without any resistance from the school! The 504 Team evaluating our application (including the school social worker, psychologist and our daughter’s counselor) were so impressed with Dr Galvin’s testing process and detailed evaluation report that they asked for her contact information to refer other students to her in the future.
— Parent of a High School Student
I was hesitant to work with a therapist, but knew with our serious family problems, that a professional was needed. Dr. Galvin made our family feel welcome and took a thoughtful approach in helping us heal. I would recommend Dr. Galvin’s service to anyone seeking help with children or families.
— Northville Parent
Dr. Galvin helped me to open up and determine the cause of my issues and then helped me come up with solutions to be more successful in high school.
— 17-Year-Old Adolescent Client
I have been seeing Dr Galvin for the past 6 months. Her friendly demeanor combined with her expertise in the field has made each of my appointments productive and enjoyable. I have found talking with her to be easy and I would highly recommend her.
— Adult Client
What I enjoyed is that you really seem to understand what was going on with me and able to identify the areas that need work right away. You listen very well and I always felt very relieved after therapy. I like the goals that were set for me, and glad I know how to handle my stress now. You are very professional, you made me feel comfortable right away, and hopefully we can someday have a session again. I really enjoyed all of them. Thank you so much!
— Adult Client
Dr. Galvin is really nice and actually listens.
— 12-Year-Old Client
I didn’t think we would have such a positive response to therapy, until now since my personal past experiences with it was such a negative one with other therapists”..after much research for our specific needs with our blended family, finding Dr. Galvin has been a true blessing for us individually and together in our group sessions.
Her professionalism and compassion demonstrated with her patients has allowed each of us so far the ability to open up and speak freely while feeling safe in her office. There is a true comfort in knowing that someone has the wisdom, intellect and knowledge to help you achieve your desired goal while helping us specifically create better choices, healthy boundaries and the opportunity to really grow together. I am grateful that we found her for our family!
— Parent of an Adolescent
Dr. Galvin has been amazing for me. She has helped break down my issues and assist me in seeing the real problems. I don’t know where I would be without her guidance. She has a flexible schedule and really cares about her clients. I see a light at the end of the tunnel now. Thank you so much!
— Adult Client
I chose to come to Dr. Galvin at a time in my life when I really wanted to figure out who I was and to give myself permission to become the ‘real me,’ my authentic self. Dr. Galvin has gently guided me through that process and continues to help me discover and become the person who I knew was always inside me. It’s not something I could have done by myself, but it’s a gift to myself. Dr. Galvin is so comfortable and easy to talk to that she was just the right person to help me on this journey.
— Adult Female Client
My family has been working with Dr. Galvin for over a year. What first appealed to me about Dr. Galvin is her background as a School Psychologist. Both of my kids have ADHD, and we are dealing with behavioral issues at home as well as school issues. Dr. Galvin did a wonderfully comprehensive cognitive evaluation and assisted with 504 recommendations for school. She also referred us to adjunct therapy she thought would be helpful, and collaborates with the other therapist (in our case, an Equine Therapist). She is easy to talk to and delivers what she promises in a timely manner. I highly recommend her!
— Northville Parent
As a parent, who has had 2 children see Dr. Galvin, I am impressed that she was able to get both of them to open up to her. I was also impressed with the solutions offered which benefited both of my kids.
— Mother of 17-Year-Old Adolescent Client