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Services Offered

Psychotherapy & Life Coaching

Neuropsychological Evaluations, Assessment, and Diagnosis

Educational Consulting and Advocacy

Neuropsychological Consulting Services

Documentation of Disabilities

Skill Builder Workshops

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Psychotherapy & Life Coaching

  • Services for school-age children through adulthood

  • Individual, family, couples & group therapy

  • Eclectic approach which integrates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) concepts

  • Goal setting & support for making the most out of life's transitions

Neuropsychological Evaluations, Assessment & Diagnosis

From assessment comes clarity, direction & resolution

First, we need to know where you are. To help accomplish that, we can employ just the right assessment tools and design an evaluation plan tailored to your specific needs and questions.  You will be able to get your questions answered regarding:

  • Your unique learning strengths and weaknesses

  • Your IQ

  • Understanding learning challenges. Why have some some subjects and types of tasks easy for you and other things more challenging?

  • Your academic skills including reading, math, and written language & more specifically, in what areas are you strong and in what areas do you need remediation and support? We will also recommend evidence-based strategies based on your unique learning profile.

  • We can help identify your personality profile. In other words: what makes you tick?

  • We can evaluate just how anxious or depressed you are

  • We can’t find the right solution to a problem until we figure out what’s causing the problem. My expertise in assessment & diagnosis will help us pinpoint the underlying causes to your challenges, so that we can resolve them

  • We can identify whether you have ADHD, executive functioning challenges, a learning disability, or something else

  • We can define why some things are easy for you and other things more challenging

  • Do you need special education support?

  • Do you need accommodations? Might you qualify for testing accommodations, such as extra-time, on your ACT? SAT? GRE? GMAT? LSAT? Medical Board Exams? Bar Exam?

  • We all have strengths. We all have challenges. We can help you maximize your strengths and improve and adapt to your challenges whether it be in personal, educational, or professional

  • You will get an evaluation individually tailored to your specific needs and questions

Special Education Eligibility

  • We can help determine if your child might be eligible for special education services or a 504 Accommodation Plan

  • Advocacy services for student and parental rights

  • We will be able to identify what evidence-based interventions may be most effective for you based on your learning profile

Independent Educational Evaluations

  • Sometimes parents disagree with the school’s findings on an evaluation of their child or they may just want a second opinion, aka Independent Educational Evaluation. We can get you the answers you are looking for.

Educational Consulting & Advocacy

  • Dr. Galvin has more than 25 years in education and understands the educational system. She has been a School Psychologist and Special Education Director. She has worked for both rural, suburban, and urban districts. She has worked with low-incidence populations. She has worked in some of the most prestigious schools in the country.

  • We offer advocacy and support to apply for legal accommodations under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) including 504 plans, and testing accommodations for ACT/SAT testing, medical boards, and bar exams.

  • We can help you know what supports and interventions may help your child so that they enjoy school and reach their full potential

  • We can help you understand what rights you and your child may have in public and private schools

  • We can help you navigate the educational system so you know how to access the supports and services your child needs

  • We believe in developing collaborative relationships with the parents and schools so we can work as a team to help your child perform at their optimal level

Neuropsychological Consulting Services 

  • We can determine how a medical condition, head injury, or accident may have impacted your functioning & help you get the care and support you need

  • We can tailor an evaluation unique to your needs to evaluate and document how your underlying health or medical issue is impacting your functioning and help you access the care and services to which you are entitled

  • Comprehensive evaluations available, which include assessment of cognitive skills, neuropsychological processing, academic skills, social/emotional/behavioral functioning, personality assessment and the implications for educational and vocational functioning and resulting needs

  • We will tailor an evaluation unique to your needs to evaluate and document how your underlying health or medical issue is impacting your functioning and help you access the care and services to which you are entitled

Documentation of Disabilities

  • We are able to diagnose and document disabilities so that you can access the services and care to which you are entitled

  • We can help you access accommodations & services at the K-12 school level, but also for college, graduate school, medical school & law school

  • We can assist you in accessing services & accommodations in the workplace, throughout the community, and in your home

Evidence-based Intervention & Treatment:  Skill-Builder Workshops

  • We offer workshops for school-age children which address skill development in fun and innovative ways.

  • We provide intervention workshops to develop skills in a variety of areas using the most current cutting-edge research-based interventions

  • We are familiar with the most effective cutting-edge strategies that have been proven to be effective. We stay on top of the research and continue to develop our skills through ongoing professional development. This allows us to put that knowledge and experience to use for your child as we develop

  • Topics include:

    • Attention & Executive-Functioning Skills

      • Executive functioning (EF) skills are the mental processes necessary for us to pay attention, remember directions, plan out and prepare for projects, and multi-task. The Executive Functioning Skill-Building Workshop will work on building your child’s executive function skills to help them thrive in the classroom setting. We use research-based practices to provide high-quality support to elementary and middle school students.

    • Managing Stress and Anxiety

      • Anxiety is a normal reaction for scary or stressful situations. Anxiety helps us make sure that we are adequately prepared for a job interview or an important test. However, for some children high amounts of anxiety occur in situations when it is not helpful. This can lead to frustrating arguments, tears, and increased stress for both the child and the parents. The Anxiety Skill-Building Workshop will work on reducing your child’s anxiety and increasing their coping skills to help them thrive in the classroom setting. We use research-based practices to provide high-quality support to elementary and middle school students.

    • Social Skills

      • Social skills are vital to our everyday functioning in society. Social skills allow us to recognize when someone is angry, or can help us make a new friend. Everything from buying milk, to answering the telephone, to working on a group science project requires social skills. Our workshop focuses on teaching children and adolescents how to read social situations, as well as teaching the appropriate behavior to use in social situation. We use research-based interventions and strategies to help children gain social skills.

    • Academic Skill Improvement

      • Mathematics

        • Did you know that math skills are particularly at risk for decline over the summer months? Changes in technology mean that math skills are more important than ever for our students. We can help you develop you child's skills in number sense, math computation, story problems, and math fluency.

      • Reading

        • Reading is one of the most vital skills a student needs in order to be successful in school! When a student falls behind in reading, it can affect their skills in other subjects as well. We utilize proven strategies to help develop your child's early literacy skills, reading fluency, sight-word vocabulary, decoding skills, and reading comprehension skills.

      • Writing

        • We use evidence-based strategies to help your child develop their written language skills, which is the most complex academic task. We can grow your child's ability to develop ideas, organize content, use capitalization and punctuation, and capitalization.

      • Study Skills

        • Why doesn't anyone ever teach kids how to study?!? We do! It doesn't have to be a nebulous, mysterious process! We will teach your child how to effectively & efficiently study for tests & quizzes so they are prepared and feel confident (and so will you as a parent.

This website is not intended to provide any guarantees or assurances about the success of treatment. Successful therapy requires a commitment on the part of the patient to the process. The therapists at Galvin Growth Group work to create a special and safe relationship in which the client can flourish and grow.